Sudbury Housing’s Maintenance Woes

Over the last couple weeks, our team here at Sudbury Exposed have been receiving many emails, phone calls and texts regarding Greater Sudbury’s Housing Authority lack of maintenance at The Balmoral and Rumble Terrace located on Bruce Ave & Paris Street and we decided to investigate these public complaints.

We started with a phone call to Dan Saumur who’s the current Manager of Maintenance Services with Greater Sudbury Housing. When asked why elevators are constantly out of service he explained that Sudbury Housing is waiting for parts to service these elevators which have had continuous problematic issues for the last 20 years.

We’d like to add that over the last 20 years, one of our team members mother lived in the Balmoral for almost 25 years and witnessed elevators being shut down or 1 elevator working 3/4’s of the time throughout a entire year. When residents at the Balmoral or the public called over the last 20 years the same excuse is always used. 5 years ago a call was made to the Director of Sudbury Housing and asked about these elevators and the same excuse was used: “We’re waiting for a part to come in”

There have been moments when both elevators are disabled forcing tenants with disabilities to remain in their apartments for days or stuck in the main lobbies until someone assists them to back to their floors. This issue has been repetitive at “The Balmoral” location on many occasions which upsets paying tenants and members of our community who visit.

Our question is simple, when are these parts coming in so residents of these buildings can have some peace of mind. Both locations “The Balmoral” & “Rumble Terrace” bring a average monthly revenue of $200,000 from collected rental fees yet maintenance services don’t seem up to standards.

The biggest concerns residents have at both The Balmoral & Rumble Terrace are about repairs needed to their units or repairs left uncompleted by maintenance staff. One of the complaints we received was maintenance workers removing drywall to fix plumbing without completing the drywall repair and leaving everything exposed for almost a year. Other complaints such as tenants having their appliances break down and left without working appliances for weeks and in some cases over a year. We’ve also received complaints of bad electrical outlets and thermostats randomly catching fire in some of the apartments in the Balmoral which now has a history if random electrical fires which have cost a few tenants their livelihoods from lost of personal property and displacement.

For the money Greater Sudbury Housing receives in rental revenues per month we wonder why so many people are raising these concerns and why isn’t housing’s maintenance up to standard when they received Federal Funding to house refugees and funding to relocate residents of other cities with longer wait times on their housing lists. Where’s the money?

Before we end this article, we want to point out that residents of Greater Sudbury who’ve been on the wait list for years are now being told that the wait list is 10 years when people from other cities like Toronto are put ahead of those who’ve been waiting for more than 24 months for a unit. It just seems that Greater Sudbury Housing doesn’t have their act together and lacks the necessary staff to get the job done. With the City of Greater Sudbury taking over, maybe there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. maybe there’s no hope either since the city’s budget is unmanageable with inflation causing major deficits and higher taxes. Only time will tell. We hope the residents get answers and issues resolved or maybe residents should start calling the Ombudsman of Ontario and the Human Rights Tribunal.

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Jason LaFaci