Sudbury’s ANTIFA/LGBTQ attacking local businesses.

Seems the community of Greater Sudbury is battling it out with accusations flying across local media as of late. Recently NDP Jamie West, France Gelinas and cohorts have used the CBC, & The Sudbury Star to spring board their message of anti hate. We also express those concerns however the information made public are full of half truths and not telling the entire story.

Today we sit down with JR Demelweek who’s a local activist with Canada’s Yellow Vest movement, a political voice in our community and successful business owner. JR also is one of the victims who’ve been attacked online by with false allegations.

We are working on another article which will be a in depth investigative report about Sudbury’s ANTIFA and LGBTQ’s partnership which spreads across a wide spectrum with involvement from members of local political parties & members within academia.

The “Truth” will be told.