NDP Endorsing Union Attack Ads against Ford in Sudbury.

There’s been troublesome times in Northern Ontario as of late with the Teachers Union paying for attack ads in and around Sudbury, Ontario. Major media outlets are reporting that the Provincial NDP’s are seeking a investigation into allegations of attacks ads against striking teachers.

Ontario’s elections watchdog is investigating both claims effectively today as many are stating that the NDP are doubling down on their standards. Seems that the NDP can dish it out with endorsements in Northern Ontario within their strongholds but it’s not permissible if attacks are made against the teachers for their strike.

The public out cries at the moment are in favor of the Education Minister to get these teachers back to work after their unions continue to reject proposals offered to them. Our sources have told us that the teachers union in Sudbury, Ontario in particular have used various strategies to have teachers comply with the strike who’ve voiced their concerns against the strike itself and the means they use. Some teachers have told us they don’t feel comfortable using kids as pawns. “It’s unethical” said one teacher from “Macleod Public School”

Parents are starting to voice their frustrations with online comments on social media platforms saying that teachers are over paid with ballooned salaries.

What the public wants to see is these paid ads on both sides to end. At the end of the day it’s tax payers who are on the hook for these paid ads. Remember, it’s your tax money that pays for teachers and their union dues are our money. Unions should maybe reform their policies and stop using strong arm tactics to hold industries and public sectors hostage.

It’s great that Unions protect workers however it’s not productive when you’re always looking to cash grab tax payers.

It’s unethical to use tax dollars to attack the Premier and should be against the law to do so. Elections watchdog should investigate this matter and act on the union to hold them to account.

Nicolas Commisso