Ontario Cannabis Lounges coming soon!

Canada’s cannabis legalization has been a serious topic of debate as many view it as a failed roll out which only profits corporations and government friends. When the Liberals were rolling out their legislation they told the public that it would eliminate the black market but they soon realized that just made things worst for them.

Over months and to this day, law enforcement have been raiding shops and also overstepping on Indigenous Territories with illegal raids. What the public doesn’t know is that Canada made agreements with the UN and Indigenous Peoples of Canada to allow them their rights to free markets, self govern on their lands, innovate and create a new economy. Yet Canada continues to ignore those agreements. We support Indigenous cannabis shops to keep fighting the government to allow them to govern themselves. It creates many opportunities within their territories. Take a look at Tyendinaga for instance, they have almost 100 cannabis shops with a drive through shop. The poverty level has dropped significantly, people are much more happier with employment and enjoy growing medicines for their people. In time the money returned to any band would help grow their communities with a goal of ending the needs of financial support from Canada as a self sustained territory acting rightfully as nations.

Why is this relevant? Doug Ford recently announced that new legislation will be passed to allow Ontarians to open shop. Over the last 18 months we’ve personally helped lobby the Ford government to allow communities across Ontario the ability to open cannabis lounges which could help curb the opiate epidemic. A great example of this is in Brantford, Ontario there was a cannabis lounge called Branstedamn. While this lounge was open to the public, the opiate usage reduced and crime in that neighborhood dropped dramatically. Even local law enforcement in Brantford were impressed that they turned a blind eye to the law to allow them to operate freely.

With the hype growing, Canada’s “Queen of Cannabis” Jodie Emery has already made announcements to franchise ‘Jodie’s Joint”& “Cannabis Culture” in cities across Ontario. Some from Sudbury have already expressed their interests to franchise a shop in the near future.

It will be interesting to see what comes about with new changes being proposed by the Ontario government. We hope they see the benefits of open crafters, exemption licenses for ACMPR patients, co-operative grow facilities to create job growth. There’s so much potential for Ontario if it’s government listens to the people.

Jason LaFace