Sudbury’s State of Negativity

When most of us go online these days we typically look for updates on news articles, or see what our friends or family are up to. Many of us engage in commenting opinions or share information and views but there are some out there who have this no holds barred type of negativity. If commenting isn’t enough, some write blogs or create websites to express their opinions of others. Then there are some who flat out are simply keyboard warriors who call themselves social justice warriors who dox innocent people for pure self enjoyment. Doxing is a website/blog created to attack individuals with slanderous/libel information to destroy their victims. It’s online victimizing.

In our city of Greater Sudbury the online social presence is one many throughout Canada are now talking about. Every morning i wake up, start my day with coffee then open my laptop to get all the updated news feeds then i log into Facebook. I can say with absolute certainty that our city has a serious problem with constant online hate, insults and anything else negative in the cesspool of nonsense which grows by the hour now. Facebook groups like Sudbury Greater Discussions and Shoutout Sudbury Uncut which caters to many individuals who make public posts that attack local businesses, community members and volunteer groups.

If that isn’t enough, we got the local communist ANTIFA pushing their message to hating anyone won’t conform to their ideology. Many of these ANTIFA members are part of the LGBTQ community who use the veils of racism and discrimination to justify their actions. These guys create websites online that have put many peoples lives at risk, some have lost their jobs, lost contracts due to emails being sent to wholesalers and festivals rejecting local businesses over false allegations simply made up to destroy the livelihood of others. But god forbid when their identities are revealed, they run to local politicians and major media outlets like the CBC to further their agenda masking themselves with other community organizations such as Pride and playing victim as they victimize others.

For months now, Sudbury Facebook groups and pages have been constantly bombarded with negativity. Some administrators like the “Kirwans” who manage their Valley East group are pretty good at keeping the negatives out. We can pretty much say the same thing for the Sudbury 420 Official group which moderates online negativity. People get upset when they get banned because they feel as if something bad was done to them not realizing it’s a result of their own actions. Myself for instance, i have a block list of 188 people which 90% are from Sudbury because they have taken things out of context, make things up as they go and not once asked the other side for their story before making slanderous claims about what i do in our community.

A example is before Christmas, we got a few community groups rounded up and cooked 3 turkeys to feed the homeless and needy in our downtown core with sandwiches, coffee and clothes. The local Anti-Racist Sudbury website which is operated by ANTIFA Sudbury decided to attack good people helping other human beings by calling the police and saying there was a hate protest and it was organized by right wing extremists. They called the cops on us. You can imagine the responses of officers who came to talk to us while helping the needy. Police just told us to go about our day and not to worry. In fact they stuck around and gave us some extra sense of security in case these ANTIFA members decided to show up and start their confrontational parade as they typically do.

The dirt of all this hate is coming from Laurentian University’s campus right now. We got professors and alumni telling kids that they need to be antifascists and stand up against Nazi’s oppressing our city when this is all untrue. They’ve been gathering regularly at Laurentian University promoting communism and pushing their radical extremist Marxism ideologies to further incite confrontations within the community. For example Ryan Wildgoose, ANTIFA/LGBTQ member already went to the press trying to get Laurentian faculty to ban LU’s Voyageurs name and mascot stating that it’s racist. The same Ryan Wildgoose who’s been telling everyone that our team has been attacking the entire LGBTQ community when all we did was find out who’s attacking all the local businesses via doxing and exposed them the same way they’ve been doing to others. When Ryan and his friends got caught they indeed went to the CBC, Jamie West, Frances Gelinas and other local media outlets and held a private news conference telling another story. We have many screenshots showing Ryan and his friends constant engaging with name calling, online attacks etc but Ryan and his team tell others their innocent and never did anything.

Today was a interesting one. Our team wanted to plan a peaceful protest in solidarity with Wet’suwet’en fight to stop pipelines. Our team consists of individuals who are of aboriginal descent, we come from both Six and First Nations. Another local group of activists invited us to join them to stand together in support of this cause however it was short lived after our group decided to advertise the event on social media. Ryan Wildgoose apparently is in charge of this event which he found out about us he decided to have us banned and blocked from the event. Again Ryan states everything and everyone is racist. So now our people are racists against our own people? Thing is, Ryan has no idea who we are and what our backgrounds are to make such claims.

The online trolls and hate at some point need to end. Sudbury is already in a severe depressed state. Our city went from being a safe city to raise families to a city of addictions, mental health problems, homelessness, high taxes and a municipal government that’s full of nepotism and corruption.

Maybe when city leaders realize what they’re doing is contributing to a ongoing ever growing problem now where everyone hates each other because our city is going downhill. Think about it, look around the city for a few mins and think to yourselves, there’s nothing to do that’s really free for families. The cost of living is insane in comparison to other major cities. We have a out of control opiate epidemic that only the local methadone clinics, needle farms and mental health professionals are profiting from. Our low income rentals are not taken cared of yet the system gets paid. Even the crime rate in our city has shot up in the last 6 months alone. Hopefully a real leader comes about to lead our city otherwise it’s only going to get worst.

If you’re one of those people who regularly comment on posts, attack others, slander locals etc ….. Take a look in the mirror and ask yourselves this: How many hours a week do i waste hating other people. All the energy used to attack others when you could do more positive things for our community. Think about that before you hate on others.

Jason LaFace