Why we should address Alberta’s report on a failed Harm Reduction program.

Sudbury’s Illegal Safe Injection Site

Recently the government of Alberta released it’s report about Harm Reduction and supervised injection sites affecting it’s province. The report clearly states that supervised injection sites are not helping communities but in fact creating more problematic issues for public safety and how it only creates new users. The word reduction is used quite often with many organizations across the country but the problem is there’s no actual reduction but instead all we see is growth.

I personally help many addicts get off opiates and help addicts to stop using needles. My method over the years has been herbal remedies with a combination of cannabis edibles, extracts and flowers. In Sudbury alone we took on 45 clients which 38 of whom successfully quit using opiates, needles and stopped using methadone and suboxine as replacement therapies. For me personally, i’m very empathetic towards addicts as i was once addicted to pills and cocaine therefore i know the struggle. I saved myself with my methods and truly believed that if i can do it, anyone else can. My childhood was one of severe child abuse, watched my mom and sister get beaten daily and the system just did not care to help us. Law enforcement always used excuses as to why my step father would continue to be immune to going to jail and when it came to Children’s Aid Society, they put me in a group home as a solution with no help in sight. I like many other addicts blamed my past and upbringing to justify my use of drugs. I got sick and tired of being sick and tired and looked at other options to save my own life. And everyday i thank god for my life being spared.

These days i take what I’ve learned, what I’ve been through and look to save lives of others who live the same struggles. I’d rather find a way to save someone’s life than to look at the systematic band aid solution that only continues to enable users to use. The system is just as guilty as dealers who kill. One supplies the dope the other the tools to die with.

When you look at the overall “Harm Reduction” program, it does have mechanisms to save lives but it doesn’t seem as if organizations want to follow the rules. A simple example is the mandatory needle exchange program. Instead of following what the mandate states, these organizations ignore the rules and just hand needles out like it’s candy.

Over the last couple years, I’ve been a strong voice against Sudbury’s local organizations who abuse the program. Another example is when Tina Fay who now heads the Harm Reduction Coalition states to parents on Facebook that she’d hand needles to young children from the ages of 10 and up. This type of thinking is just pure lunacy.

I was sent some information about Tina’s public meeting offered at the Indie Cinema on MacKenzie St. I decided to check it out to sit back and just listen to what they’re doing and how their methods would in fact save a life. Instead i was met with hostility by a CBC reporter, members of local ANTIFA who’ve invaded the Harm Reduction program here in Sudbury and also members of Sudbury Pride. These people yelled at me stating they’re a all inclusive team yet kick me out of the cinema without even bothering to hear me out. This type of nonsense is why our city has ultimately failed to save lives. The proof is in the numbers with their own stats.

Let’s look at the numbers. Back 5 years ago our city distributed approximately 10,000-12,000 needles per year. Since these people and local organizations came in play our city now distributes 2.3 million needles per year and growing. So we need to ask these people “How did we go from that to this in such a small time frame” Before all this the stats were averaging a normal average annually. Not anymore tho. It seems that these organizations simply care about how they will continue their funding. More needles go out, more funding. That’s how it works.

Getting back to Alberta’s report on the safe injection sites, it clearly shows how the amount of users shot through the roof at 400% annually with no reduction in sight. The report also pointed out public outcries which are continuously ignored by these organizations who push their harm reduction propaganda. The report also shows how numbers reported back to the government by organizations like public health units etc just don’t make any sense at all and now the Alberta government with law enforcement are investigating Lethbridge and Edmonton.

Some truth to be told here about what’s really going on? It’s simple. Our country is going through public attacks by members of ANTIFA who’re also part of the LGBTQ/Pride communities. How can i prove this? In Sudbury we have members of the Pride committee such as Laurel O’gorman who now goes by Laur O’Gorman who is the head of local Sudbury Communists/Marxist ANTIFA who attacks local businesses. Another individual spreading social unrest is Ryan Wildgoose who’s been attacking Laurentian University’s mascot because he’s personally offended with almost everything. These individuals also work with ANTIFA Edmonton, Lethbridge, Calgary which in those cities the same people are all working together and have affiliations with each other and guess what? They hand needles out like it’s candy. So again the question begs for answers, why is a known domestic terrorist group allowed to create so much social unrest and spread false messages to the public to make them believe that handing needles to everyone is the solution and that Canada should be a Communist/Marxist country. My answer to all that is, it didn’t work in World War 1 & 2 and many lost their lives due to it. We don’t need to repeat the past history and atrocities created by these people.

We hope that the investigation launched by the Alberta government bolds well with the new Ontario government who’ve we been speaking with from time to time about the major similarities between both provinces and individuals who work together creating the problem.

Last thing i want to mention is the illegal safe injection site being operated out of camper trailer in our city. The people who operate it continue to ignore public out cries and demands. There’s rumors that opiates are loaded into needles being sold and distributed at this injection site. There’s already been many overdoses that have happened at this illegal site which is operated by a nurse who’s not being reprimanded for breaking laws? Greater Sudbury Police Services stated that they cannot do much because city council have stepped in with Jamie West which has created a political nightmare. Yet pot shops get raided. Really makes sense right? A natural medicine that saves lives shunned so these organizations and individuals can simply hand needles out to allow opiate dealers a career in taking lives. Great setup!

Take a read at the Alberta Government’s report here: